VAT Information

VAT Zero Rating - We do not charge VAT on all qualifying products, provided the person buying/being bought for qualifies for VAT exemption. We only require a signed declaration, stating that you wish to claim VAT exemption (Zero Rating) as the product is needed to assist with you/or the person you are buying for with a long-term chronic disability. The form must be downloaded from this site and you must tick to confirm you will return the form signed to us WITHIN 10 days from the date of order. If the form is not returned you accept that we must charge the VAT.

By ticking the VAT Relief Exempt boxes you agree to the following:

  • You are a registered charity, are chronically sick or disabled or the products are being purchased on behalf of an individual who is chronically sick or disabled
  • The product being supplied by Halliday Healthcare Ltd is for personal or domestic use.
  • You claim that the supply of the product is eligible for relief from VAT under the VAT Act 1994.

NOTE: There are penalties for making a false declaration which could result in the purchaser paying the difference in the VAT.